Water Spray Fire Sprinkler Systems

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How Exactly Do They Work?

Fire sprinklers are a part of a vital system that help protect your building against fire. They are a part of a complicated system and they can become even more complicated because there are numerous different types of systems. Fire sprinkler systems include:

For this week’s blog post we will be focusing on Water Spray Fire Sprinkler Systems. Water Spray Fire Sprinkler Systems are specially designed systems. They are used in locations where hazards have unique configurations. These systems involve fire sprinklers that have special spray patterns.

How Do They Work

Water Spray Fire Sprinkler Systems are very similar to Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems in how the water flow is triggered. Water does not sit in the pipes and the fire sprinkler heads do not have heat sensing activators. Instead, these Fire Sprinkler Systems are connected to the Fire Alarm System. When the Fire Alarm System is triggered the panel sends a signal to open up the deluge valve. Then the water flows from the system out to the specialized fire sprinkler heads.

Even though the technical operation of Water Spray Fire Sprinkler Systems are the same as Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems the water does not flow through the heads in the same way. The nozzles are specialized to have specific spray patterns. As a result, the water can conform to a three-dimensional hazard. Spray patterns include; oval, fan, full circle, and narrow jet.

Water Spray Fire Sprinkler Systems are often used in locations that have turbo-generator bearings or electrical transformers that contain oil. Not only are these systems used to put out active fires, but they are also used to cool tanks containing flammable liquid to prevent an explosion.

Pros and Cons

While Water Spray Fire Sprinkler Systems would not be ideal for many situations, it is perfect for locations that contain electrical hazards, propellants, flammable gaseous and liquid materials, and ordinary combustible materials like textiles, paper, and wood. This is because these systems are designed to work around these objects to put out a fire.

These systems are not to be used for just any old building. They are very specific and should only be used when needed. A con to these systems is that they involve specific psi and water storage so those considerations must be made during the installation process.

Here at IFS we pride ourselves in our knowledge when it comes to the vast range of fire sprinkler systems. If you want more information about Water Spray Fire Sprinkler Systems or any of the other fire sprinkler systems give us a call at 888-987-5322.

-The IFS Team