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We’re pleased to announce that Integrated Fire Systems
is now part of Performance Systems Integration (PSI).

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Integrated Fire Systems, Inc.

We believe in service beyond expectation, achieved through a constant desire to anticipate and fulfill evolving customer needs.

Here at IFS we strive to make your fire and life safety needs as effortless for you as possible. Because of this, we are a one stop shop for your fire alarm and sprinkler systems. IFS can get all of your fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire pump, and other fire and life safety services done rapidly and conveniently, from inspection, installation, and service. Therefore, we pride ourselves on rapid efficiency that begins with our technicians out in the field, and advances into our office where our experienced staff communicates directly with our customers in a timely manner. As a result, our goal is to always put our customers first, hence we strive to make our customers jobs easier and feel that they are being taken care of.

Fire Alarm | Integrated Fire Systems

Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm Systems in non-residential buildings are a key factor in protecting and warning you and your occupants of fire related disaster.

Fire Sprinkler | Integrated Fire Systems

Fire Sprinkler

Fire Sprinkler Systems are a fundamental component in thoroughly protecting you and your property from the complete destruction of fire.

Fire Pump | Integrated Fire Systems

Fire Pump

Fire pumps are the sole component responsible for quickly providing the required adequate water pressure to the fire sprinkler system.

Monitoring| Integrated Fire Systems


Monitoring of your fire alarm, security, and elevator systems is an important part in protecting and preventing fire and other emergencies for you and your property.

Other Services | Integrated Fire Systems

Other Services

Kitchen hoods, extinguishers, back flow preventers, and fire hydrants are all important aspects of your fire protection system that require essential recurring inspections.

Customer Cloud | Integrated Fire Systems

Customer Cloud

We provide an outstanding online customer portal dedicated to giving our customers the peace of mind by being able to access their digital paperwork 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.