Monitoring is an essential tool in protecting you and your property. Here at IFS, we will monitor your fire alarm, security, elevator, and video surveillance system with the highest regard for you and your property’s safety. Our central station is equipped with a 24/7 team of professionals to dispatch for you and your property’s emergencies. We rely on the latest technology and always stay on top of new advancements.

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Central Station & Alarm Account

Here at IFS, our central station, the National Monitoring Center, plays an important role in giving you the assurance and peace of mind that your property is well protected. One of the many resources that IFS and NMC provides you with is AlarmAccount; this is a quick and easy-to-use website that you can view your system’s current status on. With this ability, you have complete access to your property’s monitoring accounts.

UL Certification

If your fire alarm system requires UL Fire Alarm Certification, IFS will be able to meet and exceed those requirements. From monitoring, to servicing, and to testing and inspecting your fire alarm system, we will keep your property up-to-date with the latest UL specifications.

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