Fire Sprinkler Apprenticeship Program

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Why is it Important and How Do You Sign Up?

The fire sprinkler apprenticeship program is your ticket in the door to becoming a fire sprinkler journeyman. In order for someone with no experience to get into the fire sprinkler trade, this program allows them to obtain the knowledge they need to become a journeyman. If you do have verified 5 or more years of experience and 7000 hours in the fire sprinkler trade than you can automatically take the state test to become a journeyman.

New California Law

In 2013 Assembly Bill 433 passed. This bill led to regulations that went into effect on July 1, 2017. These regulations now require all fire sprinkler fitters to be certified with the state. The Office of the California State Fire Marshal says, “the new regulations will require anyone who installs or repairs water-based fire protection systems to possess the necessary skills and qualifications to safely and properly install the system so that it will operate in its time of need.”

These new regulations are now officially in effect. This means that anyone who installs or repairs fire sprinkler systems must be certified.

The Process of Becoming an Apprentice

To become an apprentice you must first be hired by a fire sprinkler company. When you officially have employment you then must take an ABLE test. This test must be scheduled through your new company and the apprenticeship program. This test is the equivalent of an 8th grade graduation test and you must receive at least 70% to pass.

Once you have passed the ABLE test your fire sprinkler company will then sign you up for the apprenticeship program.  The apprenticeship program lasts for 5 years and consists of night classes once a week as well as full time on the job training. When you have completed the 5 years of schooling and apprenticeship work hours you will graduate with an AS degree in Fire Science.

Becoming a Journeyman

After the completion of the 5 year apprenticeship program you will be eligible to take the state certification test. Upon passing this test you will then receive your fire sprinkler journeyman card. This card will allow you to work on all fire sprinkler installation and repair jobs in the state of California.

If you have any questions about how to become a fire sprinkler apprentice, please give us a call at 888-987-5322.

-The IFS Team