The Threat of Wildfires

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How to Prevent and Prepare Your Buildings for Wildfires

Fire sprinklers and alarms are no match against wildfires. While these devices do a great job in helping notify and prevent regular building fires, the force of a wildfire is too powerful for them to stand a chance.This is why it is extremely important for people to prevent the start of wildfires. As well as to prepare for wildfires in fire-prone areas.

Wildfire prevention is extremely important because people are to blame for most wildfires. The number one rule of fire is to never leave it unattended. Before walking away from any fire make sure that it is completely extinguished. Do so by pouring water over it and stirring the ashes. Never throw matches, cigarettes, or any other smoking material out of a car window or onto the ground. When burning yard waste be sure to talk to local authorities. This will ensure that you are burning on a proper burn day. Also keep a shovel, water, and fire retardant within reach in case the fire gets out of control.

Along with preventing wildfires, it is also important to be prepared for one. Make sure that you and your family have an evacuation plan. It is important that all of you know your evacuation route, what needs to be packed, and where you will all meet. It is also important to make sure that your property is fire safe. Keep your brush and weeds maintained, make sure that your rain gutters are free of debris, and clean up fallen pine needles and leaves on and around your home.

“People in fire-prone areas should plan ahead and prepare to evacuate with little notice.” -National Geographic


If you have an idea that you are going to be evacuated you can protect your home by removing combustibles, closing all windows and vents, shutting off propane and/or natural gas, and filling any large vessels (tubs, pools, garbage cans etc.) with water to discourage the spreading of the fire. In the event that you are evacuated, do so immediately. The longer that you wait, the more danger you put yourself and your family in.

2017 has been the worst year in the history of California wildfires. They have ravaged both the north and south, and have torn thousands of families out of their homes. As a California fire and life safety company it is devastating for us to see our state and fellow Californians lose their homes. It is crucial that we all work together to prevent wildfires while also making sure that all of our homes and businesses have a wildfire preparedness plan.

-The IFS Team