Fire and Life Safety for Food Trucks

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Are Your Food Trucks Up To Code? Food trucks are all the rage! They are a fun, easy, and delicious way to get a quick meal. But, there is a whole other side to food trucks that people do not often talk about – fire safety. There have been numerous instances with food trucks combusting and causing harm to both … Read More

Fire Prevention Week

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October 7-13 2018 Fire Prevention Week was started in 1922 by NFPA. President Calvin Coolidage made it a national observance in 1925. It is the longest running public health observance in the US. Fire Prevention Week happens every year during the week of October 9th. This is in commemoration of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. This fire started on … Read More

Fire and Life Safety in Nursing Homes

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Are You and Your Family Members Safe? There are two vital elements to nursing homes; the people living in them and the people working in them. People who live in nursing homes often do not have any other option. They rely on others for their day to day needs. This means that they will heavily rely on people in the … Read More

Smoke Alarms

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Is Your Home Protected? Fires start quickly and smoke travels just as fast. This is why it is extremely important to have smoke alarms properly installed in your commercial and residential buildings. Smoke alarms allow you to be notified of a fire before the fire reaches you. This gives you time to get out as safely as possible. In order … Read More

Water Mist Fire Sprinkler Systems

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How Exactly Do They Work? Fire sprinklers are a part of a vital system that help protect your building against fire. They are a part of a complicated system and they can become even more complicated because there are numerous different types of systems. Fire sprinkler systems include: Wet Pipe Systems Dry Pipe Systems Deluge Systems Pre-action Systems Foam Systems … Read More

National Electrical Safety Month

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Do You Know How to Protect Your Self Against Electrical Fires? May is National Electrical Safety Month. Throughout the entire month NFPA teams up with the Electrical Safety Foundation International to spread the word about the threats of electrical fires. Here at IFS we too want to educate all of our customers on how quickly electrical fires can start and … Read More