Fire and Life Safety At Home During a Pandemic

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How to Stay Fire Safe While Sheltering in Place COVID-19 has us all staying at home more than we probably ever have in the past. While this is great for helping flatten the curve and stop the spread of COVID-19, it may have us all going a little loopy. Along with our newfound mental state, staying at home brings on … Read More

Winter Storm Fire and Life Safety

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Stay Safe This Winter Winter is a few days away, but here in Northern California we are already experiencing winter weather. Low temperatures, heavy rain, snow, and power outages are all harsh realities that winter brings. In the midst of a winter storm, most people’s main goal is to remain warm. But, often times the ways people stay warm can … Read More

Power Outages and Fire and Life Safety Equipment

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Prepare for Power Outages Throughout the past few months California has been experiencing PG&E power outages. According to PG&E, “it may be necessary for us to turn off electricity when gusty winds and dry conditions, combined with a heightened fire risk, are forecasted.” Here in Northern California we are in high fire danger season. We have yet to get any … Read More

Fire Prevention Week

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October 6-12 2019 This year’s NFPA Fire Prevention Week theme is “Not Every Hero Wears a Cape. Plan and Practice Your Escape!” This theme touches on what it means to be a hero and how important it is to have a fire escape plan. Not Every Hero Wears a Cape The first part of 2019’s theme talks about the different … Read More

Smoking and Fire Dangers

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Protect Yourself and Your Environment from Fires Started By Smoking Material It is common knowledge that cigarettes are poisonous to people’s health and surrounding environments. Not only do cigarettes and other smoking materials increase a smoker’s risk of cancer, stroke, lung disease, and heart disease. They also increase the smoker’s risk of starting a fire and causing environmental devastation. Home … Read More

Pet Preparedness Month

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Keep Your Pets Safe in the Event of an Emergency Most of us spend so much time with our pets that we think of them as members of our family. But, many of us don’t think about what happens to our pets in the event of an emergency. This is why June is National Pet Preparedness Month, to start up … Read More

Employee Appreciation

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Thank You to All of the IFS Team Members! Whoa, this year has gone by fast! We are officially in spring and that means that it is time for our second annual Employee Appreciation week. We know that our entire team works hard throughout the year to ensure that we are a strong and efficient company. Because of this, it … Read More

Fire and Life Safety with Your Pets

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Are You and Your Pets Prepared for a Fire? Our pets are often very important members of our families. When it comes to fire and life safety it is extremely important to make sure that you have a plan for your human family members and your furry family members. Pets Starting Fires NFPA says that pets start approximately 750 home … Read More

Fire Sprinkler Apprenticeship Program

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Why is it Important and How Do You Sign Up? The fire sprinkler apprenticeship program is your ticket in the door to becoming a fire sprinkler journeyman. In order for someone with no experience to get into the fire sprinkler trade, this program allows them to obtain the knowledge they need to become a journeyman. If you do have verified … Read More