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We’re pleased to announce that Integrated Fire Systems
is now part of Performance Systems Integration (PSI).

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Fire Alarm

Your buildings’ fire alarm system is a vital notification system for fire related disasters. It is crucial that your system is working properly to ensure that you are protected when you need it most. IFS has 24/7 service with top-of-the-line fire and life safety certified technicians to ensure that your system is not only fully functioning, but to be there in times of emergencies.

Fire Sprinkler

The fire sprinkler system in your building is a vital component in protecting you and your property. It is essential to ensure that your fire sprinkler system operates properly at all times, so IFS offers 24/7 service with highly trained fire sprinkler technicians. They are there to not only ensure that your fire sprinkler system is top notch, but be there for support in case of emergencies.

Fire Pump

As the sole component responsible for supplying adequate water pressure to the fire sprinkler system when it demands it, your fire pump needs a company that has ample knowledge and expertise in serving your fire pump system. In order to guarantee the proper operation of your fire pump, IFS has highly trained fire pump technicians available 24/7.

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