Hanging Items Off of Your Fire Sprinkler System

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Are Your Fire Sprinkler Heads Obstructed? Fire Sprinkler Systems look industrial, but they can be very delicate. The pipes and heads that make up your system need to be treated with care in order to ensure that they are fully functional. Per NFPA 25 and items cannot be hung off of fire sprinkler pipe or heads. Hanging items … Read More

Importance of An Annual Fire Alarm Inspection

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Has Your Property Had an Annual Fire Alarm Inspection This Year? Fire Alarm Systems are a vital element to your property. They ensure that your occupants will be notified in the event of a fire and they alert the local authorities to put out the fires. This means that people will be able to get out of the building safely … Read More

Painted Fire Sprinkler Heads and Concealed Escutcheons

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Are You in Compliance? Fire sprinkler systems are a very important tool in protecting your property against fire. But, aesthetically the fire sprinkler heads and concealed escutcheons (cover plates) are sometimes not the most beautiful things to look at. It is common for people to want to paint their fire sprinklers or cover plates to blend into their ceilings. But … Read More

Monitoring Fire Alarms

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IFS Knows the Importance of Monitoring Your Fire Alarm System Fire alarm systems are vital in alerting you and the people in the protected space that there is a fire at your property. But, just having the fire alarm system is not enough. In order for a fire alarm system to notify fire authorities the system needs to be monitored. … Read More

The Importance of Five Year Inspections

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Is The Fire Sprinkler System in Your Building Five Year Certified? Fire Sprinkler Systems are very important when it comes to protecting you and your property against fire. Your Fire Sprinkler System should receive Quarterly and Annual Inspections from your fire sprinkler company. Every five years, your Fire Sprinkler System should receive a special Five Year Inspection. This Five Year … Read More

The Merge of Two Companies

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Integrated Fire Systems and Precision Fire Protection Are On Their Way to Becoming One In 2001 after 10 years of working in the Fire Sprinkler industry Jim Rios decided to start a company of his own with his wife Julie. This company, Precision Fire Protection (or PFP), has been installing fire sprinklers in residential and commercial properties ever since. Jim … Read More

Our Partnership with Potter

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IFS is Teaming Up with Potter Electric Signal Company In last week’s blog post we announced that we are now working with Potter Electric Signal Company. We are now a Potter Authorized Systems Distributor. This means that Potter is our primary equipment line for our medium to large Fire Alarm Installations, Tenant Improvements and all Voice Evacuation Upgrades. This new … Read More

New Year, New and Improved IFS

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How Does the Future of IFS Look in the New Year of 2018 The IFS team is extremely excited for what is to come in 2018. 2017 brought a lot of changes for us and in the New Year we plan on expanding on them. We hired a lot of new and outstanding employees, we reorganized our board of directors, … Read More

Fire and Life Safety Resolutions

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Make Your 2018 Resolutions Now As 2017 comes to a close it is easy to think about personal New Year’s Resolutions. Do you want to start working out and eating healthier? Or are you going to break a bad habit like biting your finger nails or smoking cigarettes? When it comes to resolutions a lot of people just think personal, … Read More

Fire Sprinkler Fitter Certification

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What Does the Fire Sprinkler Fitter Certification Mean for You and Your Company The office of the California State Fire Marshal has a new law going into effect. This law now requires all fire sprinkler journeymen to hold a Fire Sprinkler Fitter Certification card. Because of this, anyone who installs water based fire protection systems will be required to hold … Read More