Airbnb Fire and Life Safety

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Is Your Rental Home a Safety Risk? More and more people are vacationing using Airbnb. They offer great prices on renting rooms and entire homes. Their selection ranges from cozy and inviting to eclectic and adventurous. But just because these rentals are on the market, it does not mean that they have the proper fire and life safety devices. How … Read More

Emergency Preparedness Month

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Get Prepared, Be Prepared, Stay Prepared September is Emergency Preparedness Month. This month provides an opportunity to remind us all that we must prepare for disasters. No matter if you live in wildfire, earthquake, hurricane, or tornado territory it is vital that you and your families are prepared for an emergency. Ways to Prepare You never know when a disaster … Read More

Fire and Life Safety in Nursing Homes

Integrated Fire SystemsFire & Life Safety Updates

Are You and Your Family Members Safe? There are two vital elements to nursing homes; the people living in them and the people working in them. People who live in nursing homes often do not have any other option. They rely on others for their day to day needs. This means that they will heavily rely on people in the … Read More

Loaded and Corroded Fire Sprinklers

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Is it Time for Your Fire Sprinklers to Be Replaced? Certified Technicians inspect Fire Sprinkler Systems on a regular basis to ensure that they are constantly in working order. If fire sprinkler heads are loaded or corroded they are at a high risk for malfunctioning. NFPA says that, “any sprinkler shall be replaced that has signs of leakage; is … Read More

Fire and Life Safety at School

Integrated Fire SystemsFire & Life Safety Updates

Are Your Kids Prepared for a Fire at School? Summer break is over and kids are heading back to school. With the new school year starting kids will now be spending the majority of their time as students on campus. It is important for these students to feel comfortable and safe while at school. Part of this safety involves the … Read More

Our Services

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Here at IFS we take pride in doing business using a straightforward and honest approach with exceptional customer service, certified technicians, and a dedication to quality and integrity in every aspect of our business.  Since 2004 we have been serving Northern California and the Greater Sacramento Valley. We provide our services to: Office Buildings Warehouses Heavy/Light Industrial Manufacturing Multi-Family Residential … Read More

Fire and Life Safety in Apartment Complexes

Integrated Fire SystemsFire & Life Safety Updates

Are you Safe in Your Apartment? When looking for an apartment people often look for good water pressure, plentiful parking, and cell phone signal. But, people do not often think about whether or not the apartment complex is up to code when it comes to matters regarding fire safety. According to NFPA “there were 109,000 apartment fires, causing 400 deaths, … Read More

Fire and Life Safety in Buildings Under Construction

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Fire Dangers on a Construction Site Buildings that are under construction are at a major risk for fire damage. This is because they are mostly unprotected. When buildings are being built their fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems are usually either not installed yet or are not yet operational. With there being no notification systems in place for these buildings … Read More

Smoke Alarms

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Is Your Home Protected? Fires start quickly and smoke travels just as fast. This is why it is extremely important to have smoke alarms properly installed in your commercial and residential buildings. Smoke alarms allow you to be notified of a fire before the fire reaches you. This gives you time to get out as safely as possible. In order … Read More

Fire and Life Safety in Hotels or Motels

Integrated Fire SystemsFire & Life Safety Updates

Enjoy Your Vacation, but Be Prepared Summer is the prime time for vacations and most of the time, vacations lead to staying in hotels or motels. When you check you usually don’t think about fire exits or their fire and life safety devices. But, it should be. According to NFPA, “in an average year, one of every 12 hotels or … Read More