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IFS Knows the Importance of Monitoring Your Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm systems are vital in alerting you and the people in the protected space that there is a fire at your property. But, just having the fire alarm system is not enough. In order for a fire alarm system to notify fire authorities the system needs to be monitored. Not only is monitoring important for notification, but it is also vital to manage the systems activity and to keep track of any possible issues.

Monitoring allows for your system to notify fire authorities without someone on site having to call 911. This is extremely important because every second counts when your property is on fire. If you are in the building during the fire, monitoring gives you the peace of mind that the fire department is on their way, so you can get out of the building as quickly as possible. In the event that the building is empty, monitoring ensures that the fire department will be notified. This means that your property and its fire alarm has a connection to your local fire authority 24/7.

Monitoring with IFS

Fire alarm monitoring with IFS is the ideal way to have your system activity dispatched, tracked, and managed. Every morning our office reviews the alarm signal activity from all of the systems that transmit to the Monitoring Center. Those reports include a detailed list of any issues that our monitored fire alarms had for the previous 24 hours. It also reveals those issues that remain outstanding. The main report categories are: failures to communicate, alarm conditions, and trouble conditions.

When reviewing the reports our fire alarm service staff notifies our clients of relevant issues via email and phone call and follow up to confirm when on-site service may be needed. Often with assistance from our staff the on-site facilities managers and engineers discover causes and conditions that enable them to resolve the issue. The key is to be in communication with the client until the issue is resolved. These monitoring reports also give us a record as to if there are reoccurring issues at your property. This helps us manage your systems so we can take better care of you.

Our Central Station

Here at IFS we use the National Monitoring Center (NMC) as our central station. NMC has a 24/7 team of professionals who will dispatch for you and your property’s emergencies. They use the latest technology and always stay up on the latest advancements to ensure that you and your property are always protected.

NMC also has a website called AlarmAccount. This website allows all IFS’ monitored customers to view their system’s current status. With this ability, you can have complete access to your property’s monitoring accounts so you have first hand information available, night and day.

-The IFS Team