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How Exactly Do They Work

Fire sprinklers are a part of a vital system that help protect your building against fire. They are a part of a complicated system and they can become even more complicated because there are numerous different types of systems. Fire sprinkler systems include:

For this week’s blog post we will be focusing on Foam Water Fire Sprinkler Systems. Foam Water Fire Sprinkler Systems are specially designed systems. They are used in locations where putting out a fire could be extra challenging. These systems are often found in buildings that contain extremely flammable liquids.

How Do They Work

Foam Water Fire Sprinkler Systems work when water and foam concentrate mix. This mixture then flows through the pipe to extinguish the fire. Foam Water Fire Sprinkler Systems are very diverse. They are divided into four categories; wet pipe systems, dry pipe systems, deluge systems, and pre-action systems (see previous blogs for more information). All of these systems follow the same idea as the originals, they are just also equipped with a bladder tank containing foam.

No matter what kind of Foam Water Fire Sprinkler System you have, the foam element all works the same. The system contains a bladder tank that holds the foam. When the system is activated, (electronically or manually) water pressurizes the foam bladder tank. Once the bladder tank is pressurized the foam travels from the bladder tank into a Foam Proportioner. From here the foam is released into the piping to be combined with the water. Then it flows through fire sprinklers to help extinguish the fire. Foam is essential in putting out highly flammable solvent fires like gas/alcohol because it suffocates the fire containing any combustible fumes and eliminates any possibility of a re-flash.

Pros and Cons

One of the biggest advantages to having a Foam Water Fire Sprinkler System is that it does a great job at extinguishing fires. This is because not only is water used, but a chemical foam is also used. This chemical foam allows challenging fires to be suffocated quickly.

A disadvantage to a Foam Water Fire Sprinkler System is that is can be messy to clean up. In the event of a fire sprinkler system going off, you usually will have water damage. But in the event a Foam Water Fire Sprinkler System you will have chemical foam to clean up.

This negative usually does not outweigh the positives when it comes to the buildings that they protect, but it is still something that should be kept in mind.

Here at IFS we pride ourselves in our knowledge when it comes to the vast range of fire sprinkler systems. If you want more information about Foam Water Fire Sprinkler Systems or any of the other fire sprinkler systems give us a call at 888-987-5322.

-The IFS Team