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What Does the Fire Sprinkler Fitter Certification Mean for You and Your Company

The office of the California State Fire Marshal has a new law going into effect. This law now requires all fire sprinkler journeymen to hold a Fire Sprinkler Fitter Certification card. Because of this, anyone who installs water based fire protection systems will be required to hold a card.

According to CalSafe there are three exceptions to this new regulation.

  1. One and two family residential sprinkler systems
  2. Pre-engineered systems with water-based fixed extinguishing systems
  3. Underground water supply lines to the first joint or mechanical connection at the base of the system riser

Other than these three exceptions all other fire sprinkler installation jobs must be ran by a fitter with a fire sprinkler fitter certification. Fire sprinkler fitters can obtain two different certifications. The first is for commercial work and the second is for multifamily residential work. Multifamily residential work must have an occupancy of 3 or more units.

The Four Phases
  1. July 1, 2017 – December 27, 2017: No card is required on the job site and applications are to be submitted for verified fire sprinkler fitters.
  2. December 28, 2017 – June 30, 2018: No card is required on the job site and all applicants must complete a California State or federally approved fire sprinkler fitter application program.
  3. July 1, 2018 – December 28, 2018: Every job must have at least one certified fire sprinkler fitter.
  4. December 29, 2018 – beyond: Every job but have the proper ratio of certified fire sprinkler fitters working with registered apprentices and registered trainees.

During the first phase (which ends on December 27, 2017) applicants can apply if their employer verifies their experience. For the commercial certification fitters must have 7,000 hours and 5 years of experience. For the multifamily certification fitters must have 3,500 hours and 2 years of experience. The verification includes a written letter by the employer on company letterhead. In addition to the verification there is a fee of $150.00.

After the first phase of this new regulation, the verification waiver is no longer in effect. As a result of this any applicant that applies as of December 28, 2017 must have completed a California State or federally approved fire sprinkler fitter apprenticeship program.

How is IFS Preparing for This

Here at IFS we find it extremely important to keep up with all training and to meet all regulations. Therefore, for the past 6 months we have helped our fire sprinkler fitters obtain their fire sprinkler fitter certifications. Additionally, we also have our fire sprinkler apprentices enrolled into an apprentice program. In this program they will use a combination of on the job hours along with in class hours to obtain their Fire Sprinkler Fitter Certification cards.

In the upcoming phases of this new regulation we will ensure that we have the correct ratio of certified journeymen to registered apprentices on every job site. As a result, IFS will be in compliance with state regulations to provide the best fire and life safety service as possible.

-The IFS Team

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