Employee Appreciation

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We Appreciate Our Essential Workers

This year’s Employee Appreciation week is looking a little different from that of years past due to the current pandemic shutdowns. We are not gathering over meals to enjoy each other’s company and expressing our gratitude for each of our employees. Instead, we are cancelling meetings, keeping 6 feet distance between each person, and constantly disinfecting. In trying times like these we are more appreciative than ever to have a hard working team of essential employees.


Thank you for being out in the field, day in and day out. Now more than ever, do we understand that you are the backbone of our company. Without you all our customers would not be taken care of and our office staff would not be working.

You are the people who our customers see (from 6 feet away) testing, inspecting, and servicing their properties. You are the people who our customers speak to late at night and early in the morning when they have an emergency call. You are the people who are helping give our customers peace of mind that their properties are protected from fire during these uncertain times.

Office Staff

Thank you for showing up, whether you are working from home or coming to the office. Now, more than ever, do we understand that you are our support system. Without you our technicians would not have the support they need to perform their work out in the field.

You are the people who check our customers monitoring signals to make sure that our customer’s properties are safe. You are the people who schedule jobs so our technicians have work every day. You are the people who constantly answer our customer’s questions to ensure that they are taken care of.  You are the people who bill our customer’s so we have money to continue running this business.

IFS Team

We are so grateful for all 24 of you. Because of you all we are able to withstand these difficult times and come out stronger than ever on the other side.

Stay safe

-The IFS Team