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How Exactly Do They Work?

Fire sprinklers are a part of a vital system that help protect your building against fire. They are a part of a complicated system and they can become even more complicated because there are numerous different types of systems. Fire sprinkler systems include:

For this week’s blog post we will be focusing on Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems. Deluge Systems are not extremely common systems. They are often used in hazardous areas where a fire spreading rapidly is a concern.

How Do They Work

Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems involve dry pipe and open fire sprinklers. This means that there is not water present in the fire sprinkler pipes. There also is not any heat sensing activators in the fire sprinklers. Instead, the Fire Sprinkler System is connected to the Fire Alarm System. When the Fire Alarm System is triggered then the fire panel sends a signal to open up the deluge valve. The Fire Alarm System could be triggered from pilot sprinklers, smoke detectors, heat detectors, optical flame detectors, etc. This sends water flowing from the valve, through the pipes, and out all of the fire sprinkler heads.

Pros and Cons

A big advantage of a Deluge Fire Sprinkler System is that they are great for protecting buildings that are at risk for rapidly spreading fire. These systems are often used in hazardous areas such as chemical storage and processing facilities, power plants, aircraft hangers, etc. Another advantage of Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems is that while they are connected to and triggered by the Fire Alarm System, they can also be set off manually. To set off the system manually someone would either need to pull a pull station or flip the valve switch. While it is preferred to have the system work automatically, it is also great insurance to be able to set it of yourself.

A disadvantage of a Deluge Fire Sprinkler System is that all of the heads are open and connected. This means that once water flows, water will pour out of every single fire sprinkler connected to that system. While this is the point of the system, it could also be a disadvantage in some instances.

Here at IFS we pride ourselves in our knowledge when it comes to the vast range of fire sprinkler systems. If you want more information about Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems or any of the other fire sprinkler systems give us a call at 888-987-5322.

-The IFS Team