Runaway Accounts

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What are Runaway Accounts and How Does IFS Respond to Them? In order for a fire alarm system to be in proper working order, it needs to be monitored. Monitoring allows for us and our central stations to dispatch on, track, and manage your fire alarm system. The monitoring process is extremely important because your fire alarm system is only … Read More

Power Outages and Fire and Life Safety Equipment

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Prepare for Power Outages Throughout the past few months California has been experiencing PG&E power outages. According to PG&E, “it may be necessary for us to turn off electricity when gusty winds and dry conditions, combined with a heightened fire risk, are forecasted.” Here in Northern California we are in high fire danger season. We have yet to get any … Read More

ASD and Fire Alarms

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How to Prepare for a Fire Fire alarms are important elements in fire and life safety systems. They help alert us of fire and ensure that we are able to exit quickly and safely. As protective as fire alarms are they are also loud, bright, and disruptive. This can difficult for everyone to manage with, but it is especially challenging … Read More

Apprenticeship FAQ

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Popular Questions About Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler Apprenticeship Programs Last year we released two blog posts about becoming fire alarm and fire sprinkler apprentices. The fire sprinkler apprenticeship post talks about the new California law that requires apprentices, the process on becoming an apprentice, and how you become a journeyman. The fire alarm apprenticeship post talks about the process … Read More

Smoke Alarms for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing

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Will You Be Notified in the Event of a Fire? Smoke alarms are important devices that help notify people that smoke is present in a building. The smoke alarms alert is traditionally auditory. This audible beep is loud and startling. This is meant to get people’s attention so they can evacuate the building quickly and safely. But, for people who … Read More

Smoke Alarms

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Is Your Home Protected? Fires start quickly and smoke travels just as fast. This is why it is extremely important to have smoke alarms properly installed in your commercial and residential buildings. Smoke alarms allow you to be notified of a fire before the fire reaches you. This gives you time to get out as safely as possible. In order … Read More

Fire Alarm Apprenticeship Program

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Why is it Important and How Do You Sign Up? There are two ways to become a fire alarm journeyman. If you have no experience in the trade, or less than 4,000 hours of verified experience in the trade, you must complete the fire alarm apprenticeship program. If you have 4,000 hours of verified work experience in the trade you … Read More

Importance of Battery Testing

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Are the Batteries in Your Devices Working? Fire Alarm Systems are vital components to your building. They are likely to be the first detectors of any sign of fire. It is important that these systems are in constant working order, even when the power goes out. Back-up batteries provide a vital role in keeping your system up when the electricity … Read More

Cellular Communicators

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Effective Fire Alarm Signal Transmission Fire Alarm Monitoring of commercial buildings is a fact of modern life. The fire alarm sounds after a manual or automatic device activates it. The system transmits the signal to a company like us. From here we employ professional dispatchers to send the proper agency to respond. Fire trucks roll with sirens blaring to the … Read More

What To Do If Your Fire Alarm Panel is Beeping

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Don’t Panic! We Can Help! Fire Alarms are engineered to make a lot of noise. We all recognize the noises Fire Alarms make when they are in Alarm Condition. This is because we have been trained to respond to the loud sirens or voice evacuation orders in school and workplace fire drills. But, it can be confusing when the fire … Read More