Fire and Life Safety in Buildings Under Construction

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Fire Dangers on a Construction Site

construction-fireBuildings that are under construction are at a major risk for fire damage. This is because they are mostly unprotected. When buildings are being built their fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems are usually either not installed yet or are not yet operational. With there being no notification systems in place for these buildings the fire often spreads before the fire department is onsite.

Construction sites often have many hazards. These hazards include equipment that could be used as an ignition source. Equipment such as Heaters, roofing material, welding machines, and grinding machines could all become ignition sources. These items could go from useful pieces of equipment to dangerous hazards if the appropriate safety precautions are not used.

Buildings that are under construction are often not secure. These sites are open so trespassers can walk through them. As a result this can lead to vandals intentionally setting fires.


According to NPFA between 2001-2015 there were:

  • 3,820 fires on construction sites
  • 3 civilian deaths
  • 49 civilian injuries
  • 232 firefighter injuries
  • $176 million in property loss
What is NFPA 241?

NFPA 241 is the national code that covers:

  • Temporary construction, equipment, and storage
  • Processes and hazards
  • Utilities
  • Fire protection
  • Safeguarding various operations such as:
    • Construction and alterations
    • Roofing
    • Demolition
    • Underground operations

If you are a building owner or a facility manager for a building under construction, code official, fire chief, contractor, or employee working on a job site you must know, enforce, and follow NFPA 241. Following this code will help ensure that you and your construction site are better protected against fire.

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-The IFS Team