15 Years in Business!

Integrated Fire SystemsCompany Updates

Happy Anniversary to Us and Our Customers

Integrated Fire Systems, Inc. (IFS) was opened in April 2004 by two couples. One couple owned and operated a fire sprinkler installation company and the other couple owned and operated a fire alarm installation company. Together, they wanted an innovated one stop shop that could monitor, test, and inspect the fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems that were being installed by their respective companies.

Over the years IFS has grown and evolved. We have moved our office from small town Weimar, CA to the Sacramento suburb Rocklin, CA. We have started installation divisions for both fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems. And Jim and Julie bought out their partners so they are now the sole owners of IFS.

Where We Are Now

Today, we are thriving here at IFS because we are able to have the ideals of a small business while growing to accommodate the needs of our customers. This growth has allowed us to build up a team of 4 apprentices, 11 certified technicians, and 11 office staff.

Our apprentices are all in certified apprenticeship programs. This allows us to train people with no prior experience in fire sprinklers or fire alarms. Having these fresh apprentices allows us to bring new blood into the fire and life safety industry.

All of our outstanding technicians are certified through one of two progams. The California Fitter Certification certifies fire sprinkler technicians. While the Fire and Life Safety Certification certifies fire alarm technicians. These certifications allow us to ensure that all of our technicians have had the proper training when it comes to monitoring, testing, inspecting, and installing your fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems.

While our apprentices and technicians have the important job of taking care of your systems. Our office staff have the important job of supporting both our customers and technicians. Our excellent team of assistants, administrators, coordinators, and managers who all work together to help benefit our customers and technicians.


Looking forward to our next 15 years as a company, it is important to us that we do not lose sight of our small beginnings. IFS started in a small warehouse with the hopes of creating a simple one stop shop for people to go to for their fire and life safety needs. As we continue to grow into a larger company it is important that we are able to accommodate all fire alarm and fire sprinkler needs. Whether that means installing a new system or inspecting, serving, and improving a current system, our goal is to do it all for our customer.

We also never want to forget what it is like to create close connections with our customers. It is important to us that we always have someone answering the phones. We never want our customers to end up frustrated talking to a machine. This means that we have 8 of our 11 office staff manning the phones during office hours and our monitoring center taking the calls after hours. No matter how much growth we experience as a company, customer service will always be our number one priority. We understand, that our company means nothing without our customers.

Looking back on these past 15 years in business shows a lot of strength and achievement. This helps us look forward to our next 15 years and see all of the growth and possibility in front of us.

Thank you to all of our existing customers for allowing us to assist in making your properties safer.

-The IFS Team